Mixed tasting set of 3 millésimes



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What is exactly a millésime champagne?

Each vintage bears the signature of its year. And this one improves over time. Want to go back in time? Try this combination 2012 vintage champagnes.

In a Millésime champagne, not like for most other champagnes, only the grapes of one specific year are selected to make the wine. A millésime is therefore a remembering of that year. It is also a signature of the wine maker as his entire work during that year is expressed in his product.

Not sure which Millésime to choose? Our Mixed Cases option is a great way to sample a range of champagnes from our list, safe in the knowledge that they are meticulously selected (and sampled) by ourselves along with our experts.

This mix of our exquisite 2012 and brut Millésime champagnes is a fantastic way to satisfy all palates.

The Trio “Millésime” consists of:

  • 1 bottle of champagne Pascal Hénin, brut, Grand cru, Millésime 2012
  • 1 bottle of champagne Boever A&S, brut, Grand cru, Millésime 2012
  • 1 bottle of champagne Colin, brut, Grand cru, Millésime 2012

“With Langrée and Stahel, we have discovered some small marvels. A varied range of authentic champagnes adapted to every taste and every moment. We especially appreciate that they come from small producers who are very close to their terroir and to their product. It is a chance to have almost exclusive access to such champagnes, all of great distinction and at a very good price.”

Maeva & Frédéric, Grandvaux