Mixed tasting set of 3 classic champagnes



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You are interested to discover champagnes in general. But you may think you are not an expert and now you wonder which one to choose?

Our Mixed Trio of classic champagnes is a good option to start.

The “classic” trio offers a variety of champagnes that are generally very much appreciated by the vast majority of those who have once tried them. Thus, this mix of exquisite brut champagne is an excellent way to discover champagnes and to satisfy every palate. You and your guests will certainly appreciate them. But you will also notice the particularities of each of these 3 champagnes. And then you might want to discover more of them…

The Trio “Classic” consists of:

  • 1 bottle of champagne Bression-Lourdeaux, brut, Réserve
  • 1 bottle of champagne Boever A&S, brut, Grand cru, “Carte blanche”
  • 1 bottle of champagne Xavier Leconte, brut, “Coeur d’histoire”

“With Stahel champagnes, we have discovered some small marvels. A varied range of authentic champagnes adapted to every taste and every moment. We especially appreciate that they come from small producers who are very close to their terroir and to their product. It is a chance to have almost exclusive access to such champagnes, all of great distinction and at a very good price.”

Maeva & Frédéric, Grandvaux