Mixed tasting set of 3 champagnes with character



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Curious to try some champagnes with a little more singularity?

This trio will make you discover slightly different champagnes. Not necessarily reserved for connoisseurs but that you will be able to appreciate in more special circumstances.

There are really many kind of aromas and tastes in these champagnes. This mix of exquisite champagnes is a fantastic way to discover champagnes with more character, champagne that you will appreciate in a special occasion, in a smaller group, for example with a nice diner.

The Trio “character” consists of:

  • 1 bottle of champagne Bression-Lourdeaux, extra-brut, “Esprit boisé”
  • 1 bottle of champagne Xavier Leconte, extra-brut, “Scellés 2 Terroirs”, Millésime 2011
  • 1 bottle of champagne Xavier Leconte, brut, “Signature du Hameau”

“With Langrée and Stahel, we have discovered some small marvels. A varied range of authentic champagnes adapted to every taste and every moment. We especially appreciate that they come from small producers who are very close to their terroir and to their product. It is a chance to have almost exclusive access to such champagnes, all of great distinction and at a very good price.”

Maeva & Frédéric, Grandvaux