Champagne Bression-Lourdeaux, Brut tradition 1/2 bottle



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With 95% of Meunier and 5% of Pinot noir, this champagne is in fact a Blanc de Noir, meaning a champagne made exclusively with red grapes. The Tradition, is an ideal champagne for aperitifs and the small bottle of 37,5 cl is perfect for 2 persons. The Tradition also exsits in regular bottles (75 cl) as well as in magnum size (1,5 L).

The brut Tradition of Aude Lourdeaux and Boris Bression is a Blanc de noir, meaning a champagne made exclusively with red grapes, here 95% Meunier and 5% Pinot noir. It combines approximately 70% of grapes of the year with 30% of reserve wines of previous years.

It is nicely sparkling when you serve it, and will reveal a classic fresh pale gold robe. Its nose is fine and suggests red fruits and brioche. In the mouth, the attack is fresh and prolongs with a pleasant light acidity and discrete tastes of red fruits.

This is a classic champagne for aperitifs.

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