Pierre Boever & Fils

“What drove us to follow in our ancestors’ footsteps is their passion”

Champagne Pierre Boever produce grand cru champagne and cover 5 hectares (12.35 acres) and produces champagne on 2 hectares. The remaining 3 hectares of grapes are sold by the kilo to other large champagne producers. On the other hand, all the grapes used to make our champagne come from our own land. We don’t purchase grapes from other vineyards to make our champagne. We do everything ourselves to make our champagne. The bottling process is the only part of the process we outsource. We have started using biodynamic farming to use less sulfites. We farm with an aim to provide high value to the environment by using products that have a neutral effect on flora and fauna both in the short and longer terms. To put things in perspective, we treat our vineyards 9 times less than in the 1950s with products 10 times less aggressive than they were then.

Once you have produced your own Champagne, it is extremely rewarding to sell a product that you have made yourself and over such a busy period of growing, caring, harvesting and wine making.
I learned with my husband, my in-laws, the local wine experts and farmers. You know, when you convey a passion, there is absolutely no need to force yourself. It all flows naturally from the giver and you become an emotional sponge on the receiving end. The wine tastings are done not with textbooks, but with the emotions you feel when tasting the wine, and, again, the passion of those around you.

Did you know?

The Champagne region has a unique “insurance” system. Each producer can individually block a wine reserve of 9,550 Kg per hectare. If, for a given year, the wine production was under 160 Kg for 102 litres of wine (the minimum quantity to have a “Champagne” wine), the producer can unblock part of their reserve to complement his annual production. Of course, this means that the producer needs to have the capacity to block such a quantity for “reserve” purposes, however it is a baseline investment each Champagne producer tries to make.