There is nothing quite like champagne. It’s exceptional, effervescent and delicious taste has become synonymous around the world with celebrating, whereas in large groups or in more intimate occasions. If you’re a champagne lover – or would like to become one – join us for this special journey.

At Stahel, Simply Champagne, we seek for small, family-owned, out-of-the-way, environment oriented wineries, where the history, passion, respect and know-how is as interesting as the wine itself. We connect with grape growers whose dedication to quality and sustainable farming practices matches our own. The result? A carefully curated range of the highest quality, award-winning and rare champagnes that we are pleased to offer you.

Our philosophy is simple: Great champagnes discoveries should be shared – especially those unique finds that result from the utmost care of dedicated growers.

Your Simply champagne

Best Sellers

  • Champagne Boever A&S, Carte Blanche, Brut, Grand Cru


    Blend of 70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay. Customers looking for a reliable and solid value every occasion champagne will appreciate Carte Blanche.

  • Champagne Xavier Leconte, Secret de Femme, Brut, Rosé


    Typical of Xavier Leconte terroir products, this Rosé champagne is predominantly made of Meunier (80%) complemented with 10% Pinot Noir and 10% Chardonnay.

  • Champagne Bression-Lourdeaux, Brut, Blanc de Blancs


    As per every Blanc de blancs, this brut champagne of Bression-Lourdeaux is made of 100% Chardonnay. In a transparent bottle, this champagne will nicely surprise your guests.

  • Champagne Boever A&S, Brut Grand Cru, Millésime 2010


    The Millésime 2010 Champagne from Boever A&S is made by blending 50% Pinot Noir grapes with 50% Chardonnay grapes and, just as the Millésime rules dictate, is made only from grapes of an exceptional year.

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  • Duo “2 terroirs” – Mixed tasting set of 2 exclusive champagnes


    Curious to know more about one of our grower champagne?

    This Duo will make you discover two exclusive champagnes from Xavier Leconte.

  • Trio “Classique” – Mixed tasting set of 3 classic champagnes


    You are interested to discover champagnes in general. But you may think you are not an expert and now you wonder which one to choose?

    Our Mixed Trio of classic champagnes is a good option to start.

  • Trio “Xavier Leconte” – Mixed tasting set of 3 champagnes


    Curious to know more about the Xavier Leconte champagnes?

    This trio will offer you a a beautiful selection of Xavier Leconte’s classic champagnes.

  • Trio “Colin” – Mixed tasting set of 3 champagnes – Vigneron


    Curious to know more about the Colin champagnes?

    This trio will offer you a a beautiful selection of Colin’s classic champagnes.

  • Mixed “Discovery” Case of 6 different Champagnes

    CHF254.40 CHF229.00

    Not sure which Champagnes to choose? Our Mixed Cases option is a great way to sample a range of Champagnes from our list, safe in the knowledge that they are meticulously selected by ourselves along with our experts.

  • Mixed “Connoisseur” case of 6 different Champagnes

    CHF315.60 CHF284.00

    Not sure which champagnes to choose? But you know you would like to try some champagnes with more personality. Our mixed “Connoisseur” option is a good way to discover some of our champagnes of character.